Burna Boy Releases “Wonderful” Off Forthcoming Album

Burna Boy has returned with a new single titled “Wonderful”, the song is the lead single off his next album, Twice As Tall.

“Wonderful” is a song that makes you proud to be black and African. Africa is a continent of rhythm and sounds; of movement and synergy and this samba-sounding track has encapsulated these features that represent the pure African sound.

“Wonderful” is a song of pride that reminds you that wherever you are, as you hustle and as you go about your business when all goes wrong, you can always come back home and start all over again because home is where the heart is.

OluwaBurna, as he’s fondly called, goes poetic when he says the motherland is home, because ‘my mother is at home’ and home is where the family is.

Listen to “Wonderful” below:

In the song, Burna Boy referenced Adebayo Ogunlesi, a Nigerian lawyer and investment banker famously known as “The Man Who Bought Gatwick Airport”. Ogunlesi also led his company acquisition of London City Airport and Edinburgh Airport in 2006 and 2012, respectively.

Music is indeed a language that transcends all code and barriers of country, region or continent. Burna Boy speaks solemnly when he says:

“Seeing the wonders of my music, interacting with people while touring makes me realise that I’m blessed that my music is universal, blessed that people react to my music whether they understand it or not. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing people to stay home, when they didn’t plan for it, made me reflect on the wonder of just being home and being able to survive under such dire circumstances”.

There are wonders in every aspect of Burna Boy’s life as he has once again, raised the bar in his musicality, broadened his frontiers when it comes to musical textures and has also proven that he is not limited to just a certain type of sound.

‘Wonderful’ is out and is available for streaming and download on all music platforms.

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