LaLiga celebrates football’s return with urban art project

LaLiga celebrates football’s return with urban art project

To champion the return of Spanish football on Thursday, June 11, LaLiga launched ‘United Streets of LaLiga’, a worldwide urban artwork campaign to commission unique football-inspired murals in cities across the globe.

Urban artists from five continents and 12 separate locations were given licence to bring to life the passion and excitement of LaLiga fans across the world and create unique pieces of urban artwork for fans to experience in person and share online.

The end result is a colourful array of bespoke artworks that blend colloquial characteristics and iconic LaLiga symbolism, while bringing to life the raw emotions embodied by the campaign #BacktoWin (in Spanish, #VolverEsGanar) The #BackToWin campaign has been launched by LaLiga and its Spanish broadcast partner Movistar celebrate the importance of bringing back professional football for a series of stakeholders across society: including clubs, fans and the wider sports industry.

The locations for LaLiga’s eye-catching artwork include 12 cities across five continents: Mexico City (Mexico), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Bogotá (Colombia), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Bali (Indonesia), Ho Chi Minh City(Vietnam), London (UK), Paris (France), Copenhagen (Denmark), Lagos (Nigeria), Dar Es Salam (Tanzania) and Kabul (Afghanistan).

Speaking about the campaign, Óscar Mayo, LaLiga’s Head of Revenue, Marketing, and International Development said: “After 92 days without official matches we are delighted that football is returning. The fact that LaLiga is back means so much to everyone who loves football, and to celebrate we wanted to capture that raw emotion with our ‘United Streets of LaLiga’ campaign. From Lagos to London and Bali to Bogota, our artists have brought to life the excitement of fans for the return of LaLiga and along with fans across the world we can’t wait for Spanish football to restart.

Guillermo Perez Castello, LaLiga Global Network delegate to Nigeria, added “LaLiga knows the power of football to bring joy to millions of people and we hope that the return of Spanish football signals society’s gradual return to normality, so we wanted to celebrate by creating something inspirational. This piece of art embodies our victory as a society, by being back after these trying times. Nigeria is a country of football and art and working with Osa Seven allowed us to bring those two passions of the local fans together. We are really thankful to him for how he has understood and embraced LaLiga’s #BackToWin philosophy to create something truly memorable”.

Osa Seven, graffiti artist, commented: “The story behind this piece of art is victory to me. It shows, the celebration of a goal. One, celebrating that football is back, and two, celebrating life, that with everything happening, we still came out victorious”.

This initiative is part of more than 100 global activations that the league has organised to mark the return of LaLiga. Among them, exhibitions of LaLiga club shirts are on display above the streets of Madrid, Seville and Bilbao, while an emotive video along with fan images is being projected onto some of Spain’s most famous attractions, including Madrid’s Puerta del Sol and the City of Arts and Sciences complex in Valencia.

LaLiga officially returned on Thursday June 11 as Sevilla FC defeated Real Betis 2-0 in the world-famous El Gran Derbi.

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