EXPOSED! Physically Challenged Who Claimed Her Baby Got Missing In Prophet’s Church Confesses To Selling Him

EXPOSED! Physically Challenged Who Claimed Her Baby Got Missing In Prophet’s Church Confesses To Selling Him


A physically challenged lady, Ruth Matthew has finally admitted that she sometimes in 2019 sold her baby, Testimony whom she claimed got missing during a service at Mercy Land Deliverance Church, Warri Delta State and accused the lead minister, Rev. Jeremiah Fufeyin of having a hand in it.
She had widely publicised the so called case of her missing child in apparent effort to run down the revered man of God, his ministry and to attract indue sympathy from the public space.

She came to Abuja popular human right radio where she insisted that her baby missed in Prophet Jeremiah’s Church, demanding “justice”.

The matter currently in court is being investigated by the police.

After successful negotiation with the buyers of her baby Testimony, she sent the unsuspecting little boy to meet them at the church gate while she stayed back during service watching from afar.

The buyers who came in Keke had zoomed off with Testimony to an unknown destination.

In a latest video, she confessed to lying against the pastor, retracting her earlier statement where she claimed that Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin walked her out when she raised a complain about her purported missing child.

In the presence of her brother, Mr. Joshua Matthew, she confessed that she would have implicated herself if she makes a u-turn in her earlier statement about the so called missing child case.

One of the kids, Triumph when asked if Prophet Jeremiah was aware that his brother, Testimony was missing he said no.

When further asked if Prophet Jeremiah was in any way involved in the case of his missing brother after his mother’s plan to sell him was perfectly executed, Testimony also said no.

They also said that Prophet Jeremiah never walked them out of his office, contrary to a claim by their mother, who has demonstrated that she is a serial liar.

On the claim that she left her children with one Juliet, the church’s security office from where Testimony purportedly got missing, her children again faulted her on that, saying they were never with Juliet.

When asked why she boxed herself in the deep mud of protracted lies, she simply said “sorry”

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