Selena Gomez gave Rema a great world recognition 🔥🕊️

Let's take a moment today to express our gratitude to Selena Gomez for contributing to Rema's groundbreaking global breakthrough in the history of African music 🙏🏿.

While some may argue that "Calm Down" by Rema was already a hit before the remix, the truth is that the collaboration with Selena Gomez truly transformed the song. It propelled it to immense global success, and that is an undeniable fact!

Selena Gomez embraced Rema like a brother and wholeheartedly supported the publishing and promotion of the song, treating it as if it were her own. There have been numerous African collaborations with American artists that haven't achieved this level of success, not because they lacked talent, but because the artists themselves didn't actively participate in the promotion.

Take, for instance, WizKid's collaboration with Drake. Drake didn't even share it on his platforms or make an appearance in the music video.

As long as Selena Gomez doesn't release a new album, "Calm Down" will continue to trend, and Rema's monthly listeners on Spotify will not drop below 30 million within the next two years. Currently, 60% of Rema's 39 million monthly Spotify listeners are attributed to Selena Gomez.

Give her Respect !!
She put African Music on a whole new level 🇳🇬🚀🔥

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