Nigerians React As Hushpuppi Allegedly Tests Positive For Coronavirus In The US

Last month, controversial ‘social media big boy, Raymond Abass, popularly known as Hushpuppi and his gang members were arrested in Dubai by the United Arab Emirates security agencies for financial and cybercrimes and have since been extradited to the United States of America by the FBI to face charges of conspiring to launder hundreds of millions of Dollars from cybercrime.

It was however reported over the week that the 38 year-old Huspuppi who has been detained in the US for over a week now and has appeared in court in Chicago, tested positive to the Coronavirus disease. This has however generated a lot of funny and worrying reactions from Nigerians on the social media as they seem to perceive a ‘foul play’ if it was actually true.

In some of the reactions on Twitter to the news of Hushpuppi testing positive to Coronavirus, a twitter user with the handle, thechoco_tribe said: “move him to the prison isolation centre; he won’t die without completing his sentence in Jesus Name.” In another reaction, another user with the handle, Bankole Akintunde Adebayo said: “We reject this for him in Jesus name. He will not die but live to reap the rewards of his crimes, if possible share his story with future generations 50 years from now.”

Replying the above comment another user said: “Amen! Yes, he will not die; he will survive COVID-19 sickness. He will live to enjoy the ‘fruit of his labour’.” Just as the reactions continued, some were of the opinion that the US government exposed him to the deadly disease. “Nigeria needs to ask for Hushpuppi immediately. How can you arrest our citizen from another country and infect him with Coronavirus? That is unacceptable because the USA will not allow any country do that to its citizens,” said a user with the handle – basketballeroflagos.

Hushpuppi who is known mainly for his expensive and lavish lifestyle on the social media was trending because his wealth seems to be sudden and the source of his money was not clear to the general public. He became known when he moved to Malaysia and his lavish lifestyle became a thing on social media and with time became one of the rich Nigerians living comfy lifestyles abroad.

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